Host Organisation & Organising Committee

South Australian Medical Education & Training


The South Australian Medical Education and Training (SA MET) Unit supports the activities of the SA MET Health Advisory Council (the Advisory Council).

The Advisory Council is an unincorporated Advisory Council established by, and reports to the SA Minister for Health and Wellbeing. The Advisory Council members are appointed by the Minister for Health and Wellbeing from key stakeholder groups.

The role of the Advisory Council is to:

  • Improve the quality of education, training and welfare for Trainee Medical Officers (TMO) within SA, and
  • Make recommendations for the accreditation of TMO positions in health services.

The Advisory Council has been instrumental in the development of the SA Medical Education and Training Strategic Plan 2021-2026 which outlines the path forward for medical education and training.  The Strategic Plan will assist in enabling doctors to provide high quality patient care through integrated, coordinated and structured medical education and training.

Organising Committee

The Organising Committee consists of members from the SA MET Host Organisation.

Members of the 26th National Prevocational Medical Education Forum include:

Professor Kevin Forsyth Chair
Ms Tammy Fishlock Senior Project Officer
Ms Sarah Wake Project Officer
Mr Ben Shores A/Manager
A/Professor Josephine Thomas Chair, Education Committee / Director Postgraduate Education RAH
Dr Scott Sypek Director of Clinical Training
Dr Michelle McIntosh Medical Administration Registrar, Mt Gambier Hospital / Director for Clinical Training for the Rural Pathway – Flinders University Rural Health SA
Mr Chris Jenkinson Education Manager, Medical Council of New Zealand 
Dr Mike Beckoff Deputy Chair, Professional Medical Colleges Committee
Dr Catherine Gibb Consultant / Clinical Advisory Council Sunrise EMR
Dr Josephine Harris Senior Staff Specialist Cardiology
Professor Paul Worley Director of Clinical Training / Executive Director Clinical Innovation
Ms Sarah Boyd Medical Education Officer
Dr Victoria Langton Resident Medical Officer and Basic Physician Trainee